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June 1, 2020 - August 15, 2020

Carpinteria Cares Hotline Do you need help?

Línea directa de Carpinteria Cares ¿Necesita ayuda?

Contact Carpinteria Cares Help Line 805-203-6648 or email English or Spanish.

Comuníquese con la línea de ayuda 805-203-6648 de Carpinteria Cares o envíe un correo electrónico a en inglés o español.


Aliso School is a high achieving K-5 school with a diverse student population representative of the Carpinteria community it serves. Situated in a small agricultural and business community located on California’s scenic coast near Santa Barbara, it is surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains, a tidal salt marsh, and the Pacific Ocean.

The Aliso staff works to provide quality, differentiated educational experiences for all students at a level where they can feel motivated and perform at high levels. The exceptional staff consistently supports one another, resulting in a collaborative group of educators who work as a precision team, sharing ideas, successful teaching techniques, skills, and knowledge in order to help all students succeed. The staff believes that the students’ instruction needs to come in many forms and be extended beyond the regular school day and year. Based on that belief, a primary school-wide goal has been to acquire technology to enable every student to access learning resources at school and at home. Aliso School met this goal through working with the Computers For Families (CFF) program in the Santa Barbara County Education Office to provide every Aliso family the opportunity to receive a free computer for their home. The families are given internet services at a reduced rate, and parents are given appropriate training. This focus on technology to extend and enrich core instruction is uniquely emphasized at Aliso School, and not only helps to bridge the digital divide but also ensures high levels of achievement for all students. For this website, we have put together some exciting information, games, and links, and we hope you enjoy navigating the site and getting to know us better!

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